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I was glad to find Garden Grove Optometry.

This is a nice place. I needed some new glasses, and I wear contact lenses and it had been a while since I had an exam. Things were a little blurry with my old glasses, and since my old eye doctor was no longer in business I had to try someone new. I was glad to find Garden Grove Optometry. The parking is very convenient, not crowded and right in front. I had to fill out some papers when I got there, but the staff was very friendly and helpful. I got to see Dr. Inman with only a few minutes wait. She is very nice and explained about the new types of lenses that are available for my glasses. I had no idea that there were so many! Anyway, I can see great with my new progressive glasses. I was there for about an hour, and the whole experience was convenient and easy. Next week I'll need to go back and have them refit my contacts. I want to try the ones that you can throw away every day. I highly recommend them for your glasses and contacts.

- Ryan S.