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COVID-19 Patient Information Form

  • In an abundance of caution, we have implemented the following policies to keep patients and staff as safe as possible. Please review them and provide an acknowledgment of your acceptance, thank you.
  • Patient Notice and Instructions for COVID-19

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recently removed the recommendation to postpone routine vision care visits. As a result, Garden Grove Optometry has decided to reopen for routine vision care. We will make every effort to create a safe environment for patients and staff by following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 infection control and prevention as closely as possible. With the CDC guidelines in mind, we will require that patients comply with certain activities and behaviors that we would not normally implement. We reserve the right to refuse service, or entry to our office, any patient that is not willing to follow the procedures outlined here.

    1. Please do not come to our office if you are ill, have a fever, have a cough, or have shortness of breath, or if anyone you've come in contact with have the noted symptoms.
    2. Our front door will remain locked.
    3. You MUST have an appointment for all services. We can address only one need per visit (for example glasses OR contact lenses) in order to reduce your time in the office to a maximum of 20 minutes. We will not accept walk-ins.
    4. Deliveries of glasses and contact lenses will occur outside of the office. Please do not walk-in to pick up goods.
    5. You must wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose before you enter the office
    6. We will measure your temperature and blood oxygen level before you enter our office. If you have a fever or your blood oxygen is low, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment.
    7. Come to your appointment by yourself. A minor may have one parent accompany them. Family members must stay outside of the office. They may not wait in the reception area.
    8. Bring only a pen, your ID (drivers license) and insurance information with you.
    9. Please do not bring bags, purses, coats or jackets (that your not wearing) with you.
    10. Maintain more than 6 foot physical separation from other patients and staff members at all times.
    11. Wash your hands immediately upon entering our office – every time. Follow the posted hand washing instructions.
    12. Avoid touching your face, the counters, and the equipment.
    13. No cell phone use while in the exam room or the optical. If you touch your cell phone you must wash your hands again.
    14. In an effort to reduce the contact time between patients and staff, your examination will be limited to the immediate problem that you have. We may ask that you reschedule to finish routine tests. We will collect your history before you enter the office via telephone from outside the office. Please use the online forms. Call us on the telephone when you arrive. Stay in your car, if you came in one. Your time for frame selection will be limited. Every frame that you touch must be disinfected. So, please know what you want prior to arrival. You may talk with our optician over the phone before your examination to discuss options for glasses.
    15. Routine non-dilated retinal photos will be taken in an effort to reduce the face-to-face contact time between the patient and the doctor. Some insurance plans pay for the service, if not, then there is a $30 copay.
    16. Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. A missed appointment fee of $25.00 will be applied to your account if you miss your appointment.
    The Safer at Home orders remain in effect for all of California. We interpret the rules to include Optometry as an essential service. However, most vision care needs are not urgent or emergent, which means that a patient is not at risk of losing their vision or their life by postponing treatment. While we will make every effort to create a safe environment for you and our staff, you are more protected from COVID-19 by staying home.
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